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I am a Meditation & Spiritual Development Mentor
A guide to assist you in your Spiritual Awakening

A Bit About Me

The Lightworker Lady

Having spent many years working as a psychic, I felt strongly that it was time I passed on the knowledge & understanding of my spiritual gifts so that those seeking answers could find them within themselves. Through meditation & understanding our energy, we awaken & gain abundantly in wisdom & strength.  I offer a service, working one to one with clients in my capacity as a spiritual mentor and counsellor. Assisting you on your journey of awakening using the tools of clairvoyance, Angelic Channeling & writing personalised meditations & relaxation exercises. Opening the channels to your awakening through the doorway of meditation and spiritual counsel.


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Here are some interviews I did discussing my work, my backstory and why I do what I do:

Welcome To My Website

Guided Meditations

All my guided meditations are written and recorded by myself. Guided meditations have the power to take us on a journey of self discovery, where we can release that which holds us back from our full potential and focus our minds on discovering our true nature and our life purpose.

Releasing/Breathing Exercises

I also write & record exercises that help us to release old energy and breathe through stressful situations. These techniques help us to understand our bodies, our energy and how to control issues such as panic attacks, everyday stress and insomnia through correct breathing.

Weekly Messages/Info

Every sunday night I record a weekly guidance video with a little bit of spiritual help! I discuss the planetary influence on the week ahead and the current phase of the moon and how that energy affects us in our daily lives. I also make guidance videos on spiritual awakening, the planets and their influence, the numerology of the year ahead and what to expect, as well as energetic patterns and observations of that which is occurs in the world.

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I offer personal meditation recordings which include a one to one consultation either face to face or by Skype.


My FREE Weekly Videos

My videos are designed to assist you in many different areas of your life, but always refer to the mind body spirit connection.
I offer free guided meditations, releasing & breathing exercises as well as my weekly messages and info videos.


The Lightworker Lady


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