What My Clients Say About Me

I didn’t know what to expect prior to my card reading with Jennifer. I’m a bit of a skeptic until personal experience shows me otherwise. I wasn’t sure how the process would successfully direct me in my life. Well, guided by Jennifer’s innate intuitive sense I was provided an eerily accurate and thought-provoking reading! Essentially, I was jaw-dropped. At one point she gleaned information from my life only available if she had actually accompanied me on my daily outings! (And since she’s living in the UK and I’m based in the US that wasn’t a possibility.) With her uncanny empathic and clairvoyant abilities, Jennifer is a true master of her skill set. But better yet, she’s got a great sense of humor and is a delight to talk to. She has the rare ability of making abstract spiritual concepts completely relatable, practical and relevant.

Lani Rose Buess, NJ, USA

The Lightworker Lady always seems to have her finger on the pulse of what’s needed in the world, whether it’s hosting one of her popular development classes, making a video for her YouTube channel or her growing list of guided meditations. She has such a natural ability to cut to the heart of what’s going on, then offering healing solutions.  I love to strap some headphones on and then be guided deep into my subconscious to identify and release an energy block, sabotaging my success. The Lightworker Lady has such a soothing voice and takes you step by step into relaxation and then to your own area of enquiry. I always gain fresh insights, energy releases and a sense of renewal. I endorse The Lightworker Lady’s work and recommend her with confidence.  Five stars from me and a heart-felt, THANK YOU!

Daniel Greene, North East England

Lightworker Lady, I want you to know that the Releasing Exercise helps me so much. I was alone and cleared my head of everything except for your voice.  When the exercise was over I felt washed over with water it seemed, but then I realized that I was crying.  I have not cried that hard since 2005. The hurt and guilt that I released that day is gone.  I used to dream and think of that person, not anymore. Thank you for helping me.

Mary,  Texas USA

I can honestly say that following The Lightworker Lady’s guided meditations have been life changing. I’ve become a much more positive person and feel better equipped to deal with any negative situations that life may throw at me. The Lightworker Lady puts so much energy and love into each meditation she writes and is a wonderful and dedicated mentor.

Jane, West Yorkshire

Thank you Lightworker Lady for a wonderful meditation session… so nice to take time out reconnect and balance mind and soul.

Kelly-Ann.  Harrogate,  N Yorkshire

I have been working with The Lightworker Lady over the past year. Attending her development group and one to one meditation sessions. When I first joined, I found it hard to relax during meditation at all. However, over the weeks I have seen big improvements. The biggest change is the way I think about things. Mediatation has really reinforced my faith and I feel I have awakened spiritually. The most amazing change is my confidence to trust my intuition, I often used to doubt myself and question my decisions but now I feel confident in trusting my first initial instincts. I am so happy with how far I have come and look forward to my future learning journey.

Lulu. Harroagate, N Yorkshire

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