My Weekly Groups


Group Work

Every week, I run a meditation and spiritual development group in the beautiful historical town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. In the group we send out healing to those who need it, run through grounding, breathing and relaxation exercises, followed by a guided meditation. We always have a discussion afterwards of our meditation experiences as well as looking at using our abilities in practices such as psychometry, healing, understanding crystals and their uses etc.
The groups are open to new members as people come and go according to their commitments. At the moment, the main group, which runs on Friday nights has limited spaces. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis to keep it fair. I put up weekly notifications in my private fb group where attendees will confirm their spot.
I am presently working towards a daytime group to be held on either Mondays or Thursdays. If you would prefer a daytime session, then please state your interest and I will contact you when there are enough people.

One To One Sessions

I also offer one to one sessions.

Session one – The Basics of meditation

I teach you about the energy centres in the body, how to ground yourself, deep breathing exercises and take you through a guided meditation that suits your needs. I write all my own guided meditations and have an extensive selection which cover a variety of issues. Some are healing specific, some are for spiritual development, some are for pure relaxation.

Session Two – Energy Check Up & Healing

This session is for those who have specific issues which are affecting their everyday life and spiritual growth. I check your energy centres and discuss any issues. I then work with crystal energy to rebalance you, followed by a guided meditation.

Session Three – Relaxation & Reading

I run you through a brief grounding, breathing and guided meditation, followed by an angel card reading to assist you in your present situation. I use card readings as a tool to focus on lessons from our past and present which can be applied to where we are right now and where we intend to be in the future. The future is totally dependent on how you focus on your present. Everything you can achieve in your life is decided upon in the present moment. By analysing our present mindset, we can then understand how to manifest the future we want. The cards I work with are excellent tools at helping us focus on what is most important in our lives and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Group Times And Prices

Weekly groups;  Friday. Times- 8:15pm- approx 10:30pm (finish time is very flexible)

Monday/Thursday groups- TBA

Price per person, per session is £5

One To One Session Times & Prices

I have availability on Monday and Thursday daytimes 10am- 2pm

Evenings from 8:30pm Monday to Thursday

Prices for one to one sessions are £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for 60 minutes. Those who attend my groups will get a £10 discount.

Skype Sessions

I offer a slightly different session via skype. The guided meditations are not really possible in a skype session so instead I offer an energy check up with distant healing and a card reading. Price for a skype session is £40.

To book a session, please contact me via email;

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